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Luxury Sunglasses that Make You Look Like A Celebrity

These are the nicest luxury sunglasses I’ve ever owned, Finally!

Sunglasses are a bold statement to the world. What began as an optimal way to protect your eyes, has evolved into an intimate way you portray yourself. Cultural icons like Tony Stark from Iron Man, Neo from the Matrix, and Maverick from Top Gun are impossible to imagine without their stylish sunglasses that accentuate their cool exterior.


There are hundreds of thousands of sunglasses brands available to the average consumer. It can be quite compelling to just visit your nearest convenience store and buy a simple pair straight from the rack. I was once one of those people. I personally thought all the sunglasses were of the same caliber. It was only after I was gifted a pair of Ray-Bans by my brother that I realized the complexity and beauty that sunglasses could truly offer. However, last month, my Ray-Bans snapped after an unfortunate tumble. I had to look for a new pair of sunglasses to combat the sunny weather. I almost resigned myself to buying another generic pair of sunglasses until my friends introduced me to Bisous.

After trying a pair of Bisous sunglasses, I was hooked. The build and design of these sunglasses really make you appreciate the craftsmanship put into this product. The first thing you notice about Bisous is the slightly tinted lenses, something that all of my friends have commented on. The unique tint allows you to keep that level of intimacy when you hold eye-contact while also maintaining the level of mystery that traditional sunglasses have. Your eyes are then drawn to the shape and build quality of the product. The lenses are circular with a robust frame that supports the beautiful architecture. In many ways, the sunglasses have a fair amount in common with a pair of reading glasses. It is not flashy for the sake of being flashy, the creators put in thought to ensure that these are functional sunglasses that signal one’s love for fashion and leisure.

The Bisous flagship product is far superior to any other pair of luxury sunglasses that I’ve ever tried on.  Despite the minimalist design, I can’t help but feel stylish and hip on a sunny afternoon. I feel confident to wear them to any sporting occasion or social event, and that, in turn, raises my own confidence to be true to myself. Owning a pair of sunglasses may seem like an arbitrary action, but fashion is a reflection of who you are on the inside. When I wear Bisous sunglasses, I am happy to portray a version of myself that I am proud of. If you were like me and you lounged around the generic sunglass racks at your convenience store, I would highly recommend checking out Bisous. They market themselves as a product that was built to withstand the rigors of leisure. After wearing these sunglasses for the past few weeks, I have to agree with their assessment. Just by wearing Bisous, you probably will not be the next Tony Stark. However, you will be true to yourself, which to many, is much more difficult and noble.